“Watermaster-Classic IV” – universal water management and water construction machine (dredger). Watermaster is characterized by its versatility.

The Aquamec Watermaster Classic IV dredger can be used for the following jobs:

  • Dredging of water bodies – dredging and cleaning of sediments from lakes, harbors, canals, rivers and other water bodies.
  • Construction works – construction of new harbors and canals and improvement of rivers.


It is a hydraulic dredging machine that can be used for dredging up to a depth of 5 meters. The dredger is operated by a crew of two and its principle of operation is to dig the harder soil with a bucket and to mill the lighter soil and pump it away with a pipeline. The optimal pumping distance is up to 900 meters.

The base of the dredger is the harbor of Roomassaare and in good weather it can be moved to the nearest workplaces by sea at its own speed and further it is transported on a special trailer by land or by tugboat by sea.

Technical equipment

Pontoon excavator
– for digging the soil (various buckets for digging and shaping the bottom and shores)

Soil pumping with a pump bucket
– suitable for pumping materials which contain vegetation and consist of soft mud

Soil pumping with a milling machine
– suitable for pumping materials containing consumable particles (sand, pebbles, etc.)

  • Presence of propeller for movement in water. When advancing in shallow water, the position of the propeller can be changed up and down hydraulically.
  • The machine can be moved on dry land or in shallow water with a bucket and an arrow.
  • Meets European Community waterborne requirements.
  • In terms of stability, the machine is classified by the Finnish Maritime Administration as a seaworthy vessel.
  • During operation, the machine stands on the bottom with the outriggers. Additional winches and ropes are not required.
  • When operating the machine, one instruction is sufficient in each situation.
  • An optional crane makes it easy to lift heavy objects on board.
  • All work operations can be controlled from the cab. Thanks to the servo control of the hydraulics, easy maneuvering of the machine is ensured.
  • The hydraulic system uses ecologically safe biological vegetable oil.
  • Location of the engine in a special bath to prevent accidental spillage of oils.
Harbour master – head of the floating equipment subdivision / captain